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Visits from India to PUSTRAL IRTE-UGM

On January 22, 2016, The Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) India made a visit to PUSTRAL-UGM. The visit was intended to initiate cooperation on Two-wheeler Transportation Safety Forum in Asia.
During the visit to Pustral-UGM, IRTE India along Pustral-UGM held a Forum Group Discussion entitled “Two Wheeler Safety in Asia”. In this FGD, Prof. Rohit Baluja, the President of IRTE India, sit as the presenter while Dr. Dewanti from PUSTRAL-UGM was the moderator. The activity was attended by several governmental agencies, such as the Traffic Directorate of Yogyakarta Province Police, the Transportation Agency of Yogyakarta City, the Transportation Agency of Yogyakarta Province, Regional Planning Agency of Yogyakarta City, as well as academics from the Universitas Gadjah Mada. (Listi & Muadz)