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Visit from KOTSA and Ajou University to Pustral-UGM and UNY

Pustral-UGM has been cooperating with Ajou University and KOTSA (Korea Transportation Safety Authority) for a few years, especially in human resource capacity building. As part of the continued cooperation, Ajou University and KOTSA visited Pustral-UGM and Yogyakarta State University for 3 days. The visit took place on 22-24 September 2014, aimed to strengthen the cooperation between KOTSA, Ajou University, Pustral-UGM and UNY.

On the first day of the visit, Prof. Yong Tae Oh and Prof. Choul-Ki Lee from Ajou University and Mr. Yeon Seong Kim of KOTSA gave lectures on Transportion safety and vehicle inspection in Korea in a stadium generale conducted in the Main Courtroom of YSU main building. This programme was attended by governmental agencies as well as academics.

On the second day, they visited Pustral-UGM to be speakers on the monthly seminar held by Pustral-UGM. There were three topics discussed in the seminar; 1. Transportation Safety Policy in Korea presented by Prof. Yong Tae Oh from Ajou University, 2 Vehicle Inspection History in Korea presented by Mr. Kim Yeon Seong from KOTSA, and 3. Modern Intelligent Transport System delivered by Prof. Choul-ki Lee jrom Ajou University. The seminar was attended by relevant office holders, such as representatives of the Transportation Agency of Yogyakarta Province, Transportation Agency of City and Regencies in Yogyakarta, Regional Planning Agency of Yogyakarta Province, City and Regencies, Police, as well as researchers from Pustral-GMU.

On the last day, KOTSA visited Yogyakarta Vehicle Inspection Center. The visit aims to know the process of vehicle inspections, especially in Yogyakarta, as well as to revealed the progress made after they joined in a training programme in KOTSA. (Listi & Muadz)