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Monthly Seminar, Management of C Extractive Freight Transportation

Sleman, as one of the regencies in Yogyakarta province, has a lot of potential such as education and tourism sectors. It also has Mount Merapi which provides a source of non-metallic minerals (sand and rocks) commodity. In terms of location, Sleman is directly adjacent to another province that makes it as a gateway of Yogyakarta. As a result of those factors, Sleman has become one of the favourite destinations in the province. The high rate of visit, unfortunately, often creates traffic congestion.

Traffic congestion always triggers various problems. As one of the biggest sand and rocks supplier in Yogyakarta Province, Sleman regency finds that it causes problems on the distribution of the two commodities. Nowadays, sand / rock freight transportation shares the same traffic with other road users. Since full loaded truck’s speed tends to be low, it creates congestion in certain areas.  In most cases, sand/rock freight trucks are over loaded and violate the rules of the permitted road networks, resulting in accelerated destruction of road surface. On the contrary, when it is empty loaded, the drivers will drive the trucks fast. These behaviours often create conflicts with other road users in addition to environmental issues (noise, dust, pollution, etc.).

Considering these problems, Pustral-UGM held a seminar on “Management of C Extractive Freight Transportation” on Friday, 29 April 2016. As the guest speaker of the seminar is Sulton Fathoni, ATD., M.Ec.Dev., Head of Traffic Division, Transportation, Communication and Informatics Agency of Sleman Regency. The participants of the seminar came from various backgrounds such as academics, policy makers and society.

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