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Regular Seminar on “How to Improve the Sepeda Kampus Bicycle Sharing System”

The Masterplan of Campus Development (RIPK) of Universitas Gadjah Mada 2005-2015 leads to the development of educopolis, implying the development of a conducive environment for collaborative-multidiscipline learning process and responsive to ecology issues. To realize the vision, UGM has provided and managed Sepeda Kampus service within the campus.

The service has run since 2000s. This service has attracted the attention of a student of University of Twente, the Netherlands, Jan Engles, to conduct a study in order to give input for the improvement of Sepeda Kampus service in UGM. The research method, survey process, data collection, data analysis, conclusion, and recommendation for the improvement of Sepeda Kampus had been presented in the regular seminar organized by PUSTRAL-UGM on Friday, Apri 15, 2015. Participants of this seminar included academic, stakeholders, and bicyclist community in Yogyakarta.

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