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Regulatory Framework for PPP in the Provision of Broadband Passive Infrastructure in ASEAN

On July 28, 2015 PUSTRAL UGM held an ASEAN level international workshop entitled “Regulatory Framework for PPPs in the Provision of Broadband Passive Infrastructure in ASEAN” at the Discovery Hotel and Convention Ancol, Jakarta as part of a study sponsored by ASEAN. The event was attended by telecommunication expert delegates of ASEAN countries, as well as representatives of both national government agencies concerned such as the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemkominfo), Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), National Banks, and telecommunications Operators and Local Government.

The background of convening this event is most ASEAN countries share  similar targets and challenges in providing overall internet access. 80% of the cost of network deploying covers civil works involving excavation and establishment of towers. The ultimate solution for this problem is passive infrastructures such as ducting and towers that can be used by all internet service provider (ISP). This method would cut the cost of physical provision, accelerate the process, and save the time needed for various licensing processes.

The provision of passive infrastructure also faces many challenges both in terms of development and management. Government’s cooperation with private sector, like other infrastructure, must be able to speed up this process. A good regulation is also needed so that the target can be achieved as well as to open up opportunities for internet providers to develop. This workshop has became a forum for sharing experiences and best practices to be a reference and input for all ASEAN countries in developing a regulatory framework in each country.

The workshop was opened by Mr. Basuki Yusuf Iskandar as Head of Human Resources Research and Development Agency, Ministry of Communication, Information and Technology.

As the keynote speakers were Mr. Arif Wismadi (Indonesia), Mr. Bukhari Yahya (Malaysia), and Mr. Harin Greawal (Singapore).  Mr. Hengki Purwoto and Mr. Lukito Edi Nugroho Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia ) took a role as moderators of this programme. (Listi & Muadz)