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Rationalizing Current Transport & Logistics Systems Workshop

This workshop was organized as a follow up of the previous workshops which were held in Jakarta and Yogyakarta in September 2014. It is also a development of Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) of Urban Logistics initiated by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, PUSTRAL-UGM, and The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific National University of Singapore.

SDSS is an approach system used in spatial-based decision making. SDSS is applied in the context of urban logistics, where decision making is based on the selection of the most potential space as a consolidation centre of goods flowing into the city.

This workshop was held for 3 days on 9-11 June 2015 in Yogyakarta. The participants came from academia, policy makers, and practitioners, both from local or national. Prof. Dr. Robert de Souza, Dr. Lindawati, Dr. Narath Bushiri, Mr. Ho Sijie, Dr. Kuncoro Harto Widodo, Mr. Arif Wismadi, Mr. Edi Hendra Gunawan, and Mr. Eriadi were the speakers of this workshop.

Not only presentations of material, in this workshop, participants were also provided with a practical lesson session on the application of SDSS for Urban Logistic using ILWIS software. Participants were guided by a research team from Pustral-UGM SDSS and TLI-AP NUS Singapore to practice SDDS for finding the best consolidation centre location of flowing goods into the city.

This workshop also held a panel discussion session moderated by Mr. Iman Kusnadi (Vice-President of the Indonesian Logistics Association), and Mr. Agus Tavip Rayanto (BAPPEDA DIY), Mr. Arif Wismadi (PUSTRAL-UGM), Mr. Hengki Purwoto (PUSTRAL-UGM), and Mr. Fansuri Perbantasari (Bulog DIY) as the panellists. (Eriadi, Listi, & Muadz)