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Inventory of Emissions and Calculation of Pollutant Emission Load in Yogyakarta

Pustral-UGM in cooperation with the Environmental Agency of Yogyakarta held a public expose on the results of a study in 2012 on inventory of emissions and calculation of pollutant emission load in Yogyakarta city. The expose was conducted in Yogyakarta City Hall. The results of this study indicate that 90% of air pollution in Yogyakarta city is derived from mobile sources that are transportation vehicles. In term of types of hydrocarbon, pollution from personal vehicle contributes the highest level that is 93.3% from motorcycles, 4.7% from private cars and 0.3% from public transport.

Motorcycle is also accounted for the largest carbon monoxide levels in Yogyakarta city. Motorcycle’s emission contributes 78.4%, followed by private cars 13.1% and public vehicles (buses) of 0.4%. Meanwhile, for carbon dioxide levels, private cars exhaust emissions as much as 39.4%, motorcycles 36.7%, and public transport by 8.6%. Private cars also give the highest contribution to dust particles (PM10) for 63.4%, 13.5 % by motorcycles and 6.9 % by public transport (bus). Private cars also produce sulphur dioxide (S0) at the highest level (37.4 %), followed by buses (21.9%) and motorcycles (16.5%). As for Nitrogen dioxide (NOX), the largest exhaust emission is contributed respectively 30.7% by private cars, 27.2% by buses and 12.8 % by motorcycles. The results of this inventory will be used as an environmental policy foothold in the city of Yogyakarta. (Sa’duddin, Listi, & Muadz)