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Effectiveness of Yogyakarta Province Road Transportation Traffic Forum

Effectiveness of Yogyakarta Province Road Transportation Traffic Forum Various traffic problems arise in Yogyakarta province. The high use of private vehicles has triggered road congestion, increased number of accidents, air pollution, etc. In addition, the capacity of the roads is also declining and cannot compensate for the increase of private vehicles’ population. The situation is further exacerbated by the proliferation of street parking, road space used by street vendors, as well as single-area-concentrated spatial planning. Public transport which is expected to be the solution to these problems has not maximized used.
In response to these problems, the government of Yogyakarta province has launched a wide range of activities for traffic engineering management. Those activities include road traffic engineering in Babarsari and Godean areas, the implementation of one-way policy in C. Simanjuntak and Prof. Johannes streets, the arrangement of Yogyakarta integrated urban transportation concept, as well as the completion of traffic problems road map in Yogyakarta
The efforts as mentioned above will certainly work best when supported by related stakeholders, both from the policy makers, law enforcers, academia, as well as the society itself. For this reason, there is an initiative to hold coordination among stakeholders in a Forum of Yogyakarta Province Road Transportation Traffic. This forum is expected to solve the problems and implement good governance of road traffic problems in Yogyakarta
A seminar on Forum of Yogyakarta Province Road Transportation Traffic is organized in Pustral-UGM on Thursday, March 26, 2015. As the speakers are Mr. Harry Agus Triono from the Transportation Agency of Yogyakarta Province and Mr. Kristiono from the Regional Police of Yogyakarta Province. Meanwhile, Mr. Deni Prasetio Nugroho from Pustral-UGM facilitates the event as the moderator. The seminar is attended by representatives of policy makers, law enforcement, academia, and Yogyakarta province community. The seminar is enriched by discussion among the participants to find the best arrangement for the forum. (Listi & Muadz)