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Annual Meeting of Pustral-UGM Year 2016

In the beginning of 2016, PUSTRAL-UGM held an annual meeting to evaluate the previous year’s performance as well as to formulate strategies and a basic grounding for the institution in 2016. The meeting was attended by all stakeholders in Pustral-UGM; Director, Secretary, Experts Team, researchers and employees.
The meeting was held for two days. The agenda of the first day was presentation and discussion sessions, while on the second day, all of the participants were invited to join in an outbound activity. This program was designed to boost up cohesiveness, sense of belonging and unity for both the leaders and employees to bring PUSTRAL-UGM toward a better future.
Hopefully, the meeting would bring a positive synergy and a new spirit in going through 2016. (Listi & Muadz)