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Certificate Training in Humanitarian Logistics Management

Logistics is interpreted not merely as an item, but a series of activities process of procurement, storage and distribution of goods and equipment through an effective organization networks. This process requires system clarity and good infrastructure support. In the context of disaster, logistics and supply chain management is one of the most important aspects and factors for successful disaster management and handling. In contrast to commercial logistics, humanitarian logistics aims to help victims of disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and tsunami to maximize humanity values. Humanitarian logistics must be able to ensure that materials and equipments are acceptable to the victims not only in good condition but can be distributed on time at the right targets. Humanitarian logistics also need to guarantee smooth running of information so that all parties can communicate easily and support the planning and implementation of policies related to procurement, storage and distribution of goods and equipments.

PUSTRAL-UGM in cooperation with Kuehne Foundation-NUS Education Center for Humanitarian Logistics Asia Pacific, Singapore, and the Singapore Institute for Materials Management (SIMM) organized a certificated training entitled Certificate in Humanitarian Logistics Management at the University Club of UGM on 25-28 March 2014. This training was addressed to government agencies that deal with disasters (BPBDs), humanitarian and academic institutions in disaster areas. The event was also attended by Deputy II of Presidential Work Unit for Development Monitoring and Control (UKP4) Mr. Arie Mohammad Hanief Setianto.

The training activity was attended by 40 participants from Government (BPBDs), NGOs, humanitarian agencies, academics and research centers. The trainers were Dr. Robert de Souza, Dr. Lindawati (The Logistics Institute Asia Pacific Singapore NUS), Dr. Jasni Hambali (SIMM), Temmy Tanubrata (Director of PT. Khalifa Jaya Utama), and Iwan Agriawan (Senior Researcher PUSTRAL-UGM). (Sulis, Listi, & Muadz)